Roll-Up Porch Curtains

Our screened porch and patio curtains roll-up and down easily using a nylon pull chord that can be tied off (cleated) in any position from fully opened to closed. When your vinyl porch curtains are rolled partially or completely down you simply secure your the vertical sides of each panel using easy to use and low profile fasteners.

No straps are required to tighten your curtains since each panel uses the latest high tech glass and vinyl materials.  Our enclosures show shrinkage and expansion of less than 1% from changing summer and winter temperatures as well as from year to year.


Photo Above: The right panels rolled up, while the the left panels remain down.  This 2 year old enclosure has the same great clarity as it did on day one.


Photo Above: New enclosure rolled down in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner on the screened porch.

Curtain Rolled Up.

Photo Above: Demonstration of the left center curtain rolled up and out of the way, while the left and right curtain remains down. The enclosure is the perfect compliment to this newly built home, extending the seasonal use of the porch and keeping it clean and dry.

Photo Above: With a low profile design and many colors to choose our roll up porch curtains blend in well to your existing porch or patio. The vinyl glass is also fully protected in the up position, so your curtains can remain attached year round .

Resources for Considering a Porch Enclosure System

For assistance in determining how to properly fit a porch enclosure to your screened porch or patio contact the PES team today.